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Why the “Reformers” Will Lose

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In response to Gary Rubinstein’s post about “the three stooges of reform,” reader “Chris in Florida” sent this comment:

From the article:

“Then the panel gets underway and three times I hear a new catch-phrase three times[sic]. In terms of accountability, schools that are not measuring up and teachers who are not getting the test scores they should will “lose the privilege of educating kids.” Such a nice way to say ‘get shut down’ or ‘get fired.’”

So now they are going to make our profession a ‘privilege’ instead of a job that one studies for, earns a degree in, attempts and receives certification in, and then applies for teaching jobs and gets hired to teach. BS.

This harkens back to the days when schools were run by unmarried women in poverty, religious brothers and sisters with vows of poverty, and men with families who lived in poverty because of the low wages for teachers.

Deep at the heart of this reform movement is a deep hatred of women, teachers, unions, independent thinkers, the middle class, people of color, the poor, and anything that threatens the old status quo of powerful, rich, racist old white men controlling everything. It is part and parcel of the culture wars and will be fought under that context. They are losing their grip and are squeezing ever tighter.

The ship is about to sink but they cling and insist that all is fine. I am beginning to understand that there is no way they can achieve a lasting victory here with this pathetic war against teacher, students, schools, and hippies.

I may be very old or dead when their final defeat is achieved but it will come.

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