This Washington Post editorial rightly calls out Trump’s unseemly behavior, first, by calling on Attorney General Sessions to open a criminal investigation of his defeated political opponent, who was previously investigated by the FBI; and second, by turning the Boy Scout Jamboree into an opportunity to belittle former President Obama and call the nation’s capitol a “cesspool” and a “sewer.” Trump even said (falsely) that Obama had never spoken to the Boy Scouts. In a matter of minutes, someone produced a photograph on Twitter of…Obama speaking to the Boy Scouts.

Some on Twitter have likened Trump’s disgusting performance before the Boy Scouts as akin to a Hitler Youth Rally.

This man is–dare I say–un-American. He ignores and dismisses cherished traditions, like upholding the independence of the judiciary. He uses his bully pulpit and his itchy Twitter finger to harass those who dare to disagree with them. He has embarrassed the national leadership of the Boy Scouts by bringing his partisan rant before the assembled scouts, who believe in service and fair play, concepts that are alien to Trump.

Everyone is simply a tool to be used by him. When they no longer serve his purpose, he tosses them away, as Sessions is now discovering.

Will Trump remove Sessions so he can find a pliable Attorney General who will fire Mueller?

When will the decent Republicans say “enough is enough.” Trump will destroy the Republican party and destroy everything good that our nation is supposed to stand for.

How low can he go? He showed us at the Boy Scout jamboree. For this man, there is no bottom. He just keeps diving and trying to drag the rest of us down with him.