The Walls of Trump’s Castle Are Crumbling, As Once-Trusted Aides Flip

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A team of Washington Post reporters wrote this story.

The veil of secrecy is falling away.

Yesterday a writer compared him to MacBeth. Maybe he should be compared to Lady MacBeth. “Out, Out, damned spot.” She can’t wash the blood off her hands.

He can’t wash away a lifetime of criminal entanglements.

“President Trump’s wall of secrecy — the work of a lifetime — is starting to crack.

“His longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty last week to breaking campaign-finance laws and said he had arranged hush-money payments to two women at Trump’s direction. A tabloid executive — who had served Trump by snuffing out damaging tales before they went public — and Trump’s chief financial officer gave testimony in the case.

“All three had been part of the small circle of family, longtime aides and trusted associates who have long played crucial roles in Trump’s strategy to shield the details of his personal life and business dealings from prying outsiders.

“But, as their cooperation with prosecutors shows, a growing number of legal challenges — including the Russia investigation by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and a raft of lawsuits and state-level probes in New York — is eroding that barrier.

“The result has been a moment in which Trump seems politically wounded, as friends turn and embarrassing revelations about alleged affairs and his charity trickle out, uncontained. In coming months, certain cases could force Trump’s company to open its books about foreign government customers or compel the president to testify about his relationships with ­women.

“The myth of Trump is now unraveling,” said Barbara Res, a Trump Organization executive from 1978 to 1996. “He’s becoming more obvious, and people are starting to know what he’s like and what he’s doing.”

“Whether the president faces legal peril is not clear, but his presidency is at a precarious point. Recent polls suggest his repeated attacks on Mueller for leading a “witch hunt” have lost their effectiveness. And if the Democrats win a majority in at least one house of Congress in the midterm elections, now less than 10 weeks away, they would gain the power to investigate or even impeach.”

State attorneys general are going after him.

Most ominous—and not mentioned in this article—is the investigation of the Trump Foundation and the entire Trump Family by New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood.

The president can’t pardon anyone with a state conviction.

The wall of secrecy is eroding, and the menace is getting closer every day.

If and when the Democrats take the House, prepare for hearings about corruption and gross incompetence.

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