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Happy 2016 ! Across the U.S., the grassroots testing reform movement is gearing up to win more victories in the coming year. Look for larger, broader opt-out campaigns focusing more pressure on state and local policy-makers to roll back standardized exam overkill and enable better forms of assessment.



National Six Reasons Students Could Face Less Standardized Testing This Year
National New K-12 Law Adds to Policy Change Buzz as State Legislatures Convene
National New Year’s Toast to Resignation of “Testocracy Tsar” Arne Duncan
National Meet the New Federal Ed. Boss, Much the Same as the Old Boss


Alabama Teachers Deserve Better Evaluation Than Just Test Scores


California New Year Brings Focus on Technical Problems With Standardized Tests


Colorado Test Opt Outs Were a Top Story of 2015


Connecticut Superintendents Criticize State Funding Threat for Districts With Low Test Participation


Delaware Test Critics Gear Up to Override Governor’s Opt-Out Veto


Florida Ending NCLB Is Not Enough, State Must End Its Own Test Misuse and Overuse


Georgia Teacher “Merit Pay” Could Go Down in Flames


Indiana State Super Endorses “Hold Harmless” Plan for School Grades


Missouri Superintendent Makes School Turnaround Progress by Focusing on Poverty Above All Else

New Jersey Testing Will Again Be a Major Legislative Issue


New Mexico What”s the Grade for Standardized Testing
New Mexico The Making of an Opt-Out Leader

New York Opting Out and Voting Them Out
After Test Score Moratorium, School Districts Retool Teacher Evaluation
New York Opt-Out Leader Named Local “Person of the Year”,75193?page=1&content_source=

Oklahoma Area Schools Applaud Reduced Federal Role in Testing


Tennessee Value-Added Testing Adds No Value to Public Schools


Texas New Opt-Out Form for Houston Public School Parents


West Virginia Pressure Forces Testing Task Force Meetings Open to the Public


“The Test: Why Our Schools Are Obsessed With Standardized Testing — But You Don’t Have to Be” now out in paperback


How Tests Should and Should Not Be Used


Stop All the Testing in Math and Set Free a New Generation of American Mathematicians



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