Mercedes Schneider, author, master blogger and high school teacher in Louisiana, writes here about a new video that will be screened across the state.

She writes:

“The 28-minute video near the end of this post, 2011: When the Billionaires Bought BESE, was produced by Louisiana journalist Mike Stagg.

“It is the edited-for-television version of his video research on the 2011 state board of education (BESE) elections in Louisiana– a BESE election in which an unprecedented amount of out-of-state cash flowed into Louisiana in order to advance a test-score-obsessed, corporate education reform agenda.”

She adds:

“It’s 2015, and the out-of-state money continues to flow, with California billionaire Eli Broad donating $250,000, and Arkansas billionaires, Alice and Jim Walton, contributing $400,000.

“The election is October 24, 2015, with early voting starting Saturday, October 10:”

Will the voters of Louisiana reject the out-of-state billionaires’ attempt to buy control of their public schools?