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Peter Greene: Governor LePage of Maine Appoints Himself as State Commissioner of Education

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Governor Paul LePage is a Tea Party guy who has twice been elected governor of Maine. He prevailed each time in a three-way split.

As Peter Greene notes, Governor LePage is known for his bizarre statements. Among other things, he refused to attend an event honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:

One of his first acts as governor was to refuse to attend a Martin Luther King Day breakfast and, when called on it, to tell the NAACP to kiss his butt. He also undid decades of environmental reguations, and took down a mural of labor history in the capitol, comparing it to North Korean brainswashing. He sabotaged a $120 million wind power plan.

He has gone through six education commissioners in three years. The last nominee might have had some trouble getting approved by the State Senate because he is a creationist.

Governor LePage is a strong supporter of charter schools, choice, digital learning, and competency based education (nonstop assessment by computers). He views public schools with contempt.

Early on in his first term, he embraced Jeb Bush’s digital learning plan and set about implementing it. One of the best exposes of our time was written by Colin Woodard about “The Profit Motive behind Virtual Schools in Maine.” That’s when many people recognized that the tech companies were giving money to Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Educational Excellence, and FEE was promoting the tech companies’ products. And it was all about profit.

Greene thinks that Governor LePage may crown himself King of Maine. One hopes that he will have only one opponent in the next election. He is an embarrassment to the state of Maine.

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