Jonathan Pelto reviews the FUSE-Jumoke scandal and shows how the report of the damning investigation was released. When politicians want to minimize coverage of an embarrassing event, the press release is issued late on a Friday afternoon, preferably in the middle of a holiday.

Pelto writes:

“Now, months after the investigation was called for, an incredibly damning report has been made public.

“But in a typical move designed to limit political fall-out and protect the guilty, Governor Malloy’s State Department of Education failed to release the stunning report until late in the afternoon on Friday, January 2, 2014.

“The Hartford Courant, which has led the investigative work on FUSE/Jumoke didn’t get a full news report up until 8pm and the CT Post, another media outlet that has followed the story, produced their updated report after 10:30pm.

“Oh, and try as you might, you won’t even find the press release or the report listed on the Department of Education’s “Media Page.”