SomeDam Poet writes poems—some might say doggerel—almost daily. They are consistently witty and wise.

Here are his/her thoughts on economists (with apologies to the great economists who understand that the classroom is not a factory or a field and that children are not units of production or widgets):

“Economists are like psychics”

Economists are like psychics,
This cannot be denied.
Cuz if, by chance, they get it right,
It’s greatly AMPLIFIED!!

But mostly, they just get it wrong,
And utter not a word
For them to actually point this out
Would really be unheard.

And when their goof’s so blatant
They really can’t ignore it,
They simply claim they “found a flaw”
And “makeup will restore it”

And another:

“What if?”

What if false were true?
What if night were day?
What if economists knew
About the things they say?