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New York Times: How Donald Trump’s Casinos Went Bankrupt, But He Didn’t

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To rum, sodomy & the lash

I do not know how old you are, how much experience with reality you have, and how much you get pay to advocate for the “Lord of lies” who cheats, lies and trashes people (Mexican immigrants in his chain of hotels) who worked for him.

Here is a link for you to read and think about your fate in near future with “Lord of lies” Corporate_Powers-That-Be_Propaganda-160612-497.html

OpEdNews Op Eds 6/12/2016 at 21:36:39

We Must Understand Corporate Power to Fight It
By Chris Hedges

[start paragraph]

Education is indoctrination. Ersatz intellectuals, along with technocrats and specialists, who are obedient to neoliberal and imperial state doctrine, use their academic credentials and erudition to DECEIVE the public.

The promises made by the corporate state and its political leaders — we will restore your jobs, we will protect your privacy and civil liberties, we will rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, we will save the environment, we will prevent you from being exploited by banks and predatory corporations, we will make you safe, we will provide a future for your children — are the OPPOSITE of reality.

The loss of privacy, the constant monitoring of the citizenry, the use of militarized police to carry out indiscriminate acts of LETHAL VIOLENCE — a daily reality in marginal communities — and the relentless drive to plunge as much as two-thirds of the country into poverty to ENRICH A TINY corporate ELITE, along with the psychosis of permanent war, presage a dystopia that will be as severe as the totalitarian systems that sent tens of millions to their deaths during the reigns of fascism and communism.

[End paragraph]

History and people’s real life experiences have shown us from Memoirs of Holocaust survivors, and many waves of immigrants who prefer to die in ocean and sea than to live with cruelty. Please wake up to smell coffee.

There is one final note for you that all corporate leaders are coward. They hide their wealth offshore, invade tax, loot public “PENSION” fund, SELL arms to enemies, and destroy our democracy. They do all of these for PURELY MONEY that they cannot bring along with them after their death or they cannot enjoy their wealth because of terminal illness and fear for their own terror life. Back2basic

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