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Michael Moore: 10 Things You Don’t Know About the Flint Water Crisis

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Film maker Michael Moore is a native of Flint, Michigan. He is outraged by what happened to the people of Flint when Governor Snyder’s emergency manager decided to save money by switching Flint’s water supply from a safe source to an unsafe one.


Moore wrote this post to identify 10 things about the crisis that are little known and make you even more outraged.


Here are a few examples:



1. While the Children in Flint Were Given Poisoned Water to Drink, General Motors Was Given a Special Hookup to the Clean Water.


A few months after Gov. Snyder removed Flint from the clean fresh water we had been drinking for decades, the brass from General Motors went to him and complained that the Flint River water was causing their car parts to corrode when being washed on the assembly line. The governor was appalled to hear that GM property was being damaged, so he jumped through a number of hoops and quietly spent $440,000 to hook GM back up to the Lake Huron water, while keeping the rest of Flint on the Flint River water.


Which means that while the children in Flint were drinking lead-filled water, there was one — and only one — address in Flint that got clean water: the GM factory.


2. For Just $100 a Day, This Crisis Could’ve Been Prevented.


Federal law requires that water systems which are sent through lead pipes must contain an additive that seals the lead into the pipe and prevents it from leaching into the water. Someone at the beginning suggested to the governor that they add this anti-corrosive element to the water coming out of the Flint River.


“How much would that cost?” came the question. “$100 a day for three months,” was the answer.


I guess that was too much, so, in order to save $9,000, the state government said f*** it — and as a result the state may now end up having to pay upwards of $1.5 billion to fix the mess.


3. There’s More Than the Lead in Flint’s Water.


In addition to exposing every child in the city of Flint to lead poisoning on a daily basis, there appears to be a number of other diseases we may be hearing about in the months ahead. The number of cases in Flint of Legionnaires Disease has increased tenfold since the switch to the river water.


Eighty-seven people have come down with it, and at least 10 have died. In the five years before the river water, not a single person in Flint had died of Legionnaires Disease. Doctors are now discovering that another half-dozen toxins are being found in the blood of Flint’s citizens, causing concern that there are other health catastrophes which may soon come to light.


4. People’s Homes in Flint Are Now Worth Nothing Because They Cant Be Sold.


Would you buy a house in Flint right now? Who would? So every homeowner in Flint is stuck with a house that’s now worth nothing. That’s a total home value of $2.4 billion down the economic drain. People in Flint, one of the poorest cities in the U.S., don’t have much to their name, and for many their only asset is their home.


So, in addition to being poisoned, they have now a net worth of zero. (And as for employment, who is going to move jobs or start a company in Flint under these conditions? No one.) Has Flint’s future just been flushed down that river?”


Read the other six reasons to understand the terrible injustice done to the people of Flint by their own government.


Here is the last point, which explains why the state government did what it did to the people of Flint:


“When Governor Snyder took office in 2011, one of the first things he did was to get a multi-billion dollar tax break passed by the Republican legislature for the wealthy and for corporations. But with less tax revenues, that meant he had to start cutting costs.


“So, many things — schools, pensions, welfare, safe drinking water — were slashed. Then he invoked an executive privilege to take over cities (all of them majority black) by firing the mayors and city councils whom the local people had elected, and installing his cronies to act as “dictators” over these cities.


“Their mission? Cut services to save money so he could give the rich even more breaks. That’s where the idea of switching Flint to river water came from. To save $15 million! It was easy. Suspend democracy. Cut taxes for the rich. Make the poor drink toxic river water. And everybody’s happy.


“Except those who were poisoned in the process. All 102,000 of them. In the richest country in the world.”





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