Mercedes Schneider has assembled data on a scandal in D.C. In recent years, Michelle Rhee and Kaya Henderson claimed that it was the fastest improving district in the nation. The national media repeats their claim.


Retired D.C. teacher Erich Martel alerted me to what appeared to be the cooking of the books, and I connected him to Schneider.  She confirms that D.C. cooked NAEP data to overstate gains for the district.


She reviews the data and concludes:


“Rhee took the DCPS helm in June 2007; when she left in 2010, her deputy, Kaya Henderson, took over.


“According to NAEP, they both failed. So has the mayoral control of schools responsible for both Rhee and Henderson. And what is particularly striking is that these “reformers” would rather lie to the public about their success by concealing information than confront their failure and change their corporate-reform-fed course.


“I challenge DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to offer a public response to Martel’s NAEP story as publicized in this post, and I challenge DCPS to post the full spectrum of DC’s NAEP results, beginning with the 1998/2000 results; to make such posting easily accessible on the DCPS website, and to use accurate numbers.”