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Join the Twitter Storm for Glenda Ritz Now!

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Governor Mike Pence and the Indiana Legislature plans to strip State Superintendent Glenda Ritz of her powers toreros. She was overwhelmingly elected by the voters, receiving more votes than Gov. Pence.

Protest this assault on democracy!

There will be a Twitter storm this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. EST.

The vote on HB 1609 to strip Superintendent Glenda Ritz is going to happen at 1:30 tomorrow. The hashtag to use is ‪#‎iStandWithRitz‬


4:00 pm EST the TwitterStorm begins. Tweet as much as you can until 5:00 pm EST.

Removing Glenda Ritz as Chair of the SBOE is not acceptable!

You can send the messages again and again, as long as you change one character, period or something, so Twitter sees it as a unique tweet. If you send the same message, you will get a notification that you’ve already sent that tweet.

Tweets: (feel free to add on to this list, so we can help each other) Then at 4:00, copy each one and paste it and/or create your own tweets

[email protected]@INHouseGOP CECI & SBOE caused the dysfunction, not Ritz # ‪#‎iStandWithRitz‬

[email protected]@INHouseGOP Glenda Ritz is more than a librarian


[email protected]@INHouseGOP You can gerrymander our votes, but you can’t gerrymander our voices


[email protected]@INHouseGOP Stand in the way of the 1.3 million voters voted for Ritz at your own peril


@[email protected]

Welcome to indiana where our votes don’t count & ethics don’t matter #iStandWithRitz

[email protected]@INHouseGOP Don’t mess with Glenda #iStandWithRitz

@GovPenceIN @INHouseGOP @IndyStar @nwtimes Ritz is against the high stakes in tests. #iStandWithRitz

@WishTV Ritz stands for kids against high stakes madness #iStandWithRitz

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