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To M:

We are talking two different matters:

1) You suggest that: “…go down in a very big public place…”

That is a reason I reply to your suggestion, such as:
“I would never come…(to any very BIG, PUBLIC place)…simply dangerous in dealing with “numb skull” fake police force.”

2) You suggest that: “Get a few of the bigger liberal names on there like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders…”

And I reply that: “…any politicians whoever TRULY care for civility, humanity, and public education rights, they will volunteer to come to…”

In this post, you confirm that you are lack of knowledge about being first generation of immigrants. Have you been fear of being fired, career damage, safety violation…? All immigrants, most of “old” black generation, and BGLT groups will tell you their experiences about multicultural sensitivity.

In conclusion, adopted children NEVER have the same privilege as those biological children. They can work hard, work smart and dedicate their lives for their adopted country in order to enjoy THE PEACEFUL LIVING that their original country intentionally shut them out.

All business tycoons, or exiled military officials and their close + distant families who destroy their original country and betray their own people cannot be allowed to come, live, and enjoy democratic lifestyle in America, Canada, Germany, Australia,…Most of all, they should not be allowed to bribe, or to influence, or contribute (donate to politicians) WITH A STRING ATTACHED to harm or to damage young generation in Public Education.

So, I hope that you have a bit of understanding without any further debate. Biological educators cannot protect them or fight for their own civility, humanity, and important survival in Public Education. How can foreign educators or adopted children, with much less fluent linguistics and political rights, voice their “choked up” choice?

This beautiful North America gives all of its children including biological, adopted, and mixed race a FREEDOM to choose how one wishes to live as super-human beings (care for the unfortunate); or as just normal sentient beings (greed, ego, and lust for fame and shame); or as animal (fight for living survival = bullying); last of all, as devil = below animal = DARVO (grasp and accumulate wealth by cheating and setting a trap to kill as many people unnecessarily as in case of sub-prime mortgage). Back2basic

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