As you know, I commented in an earlier post about the Denver school board election. I mistakenly said that the corporate reformers hold all the seats. Jeannie Kaplan, a former two-term board member, corrected me. One seat is held by a pro-public school person. Here she identifies the other candidates who will support public education instead of the failed corporate reforms.(I corrected the post.)

Kaplan writes, as a comment after that post:

Because I did not see your comment, I took the liberty of copying your email to me giving me permission to share. So it is there. One small edit to your description of Denver’s board. We have one brave public school advocate left. – Arturo Jimenez. He is termed out. We have 6 out of 7 members funded by the usual reformers. $250,000 to $300,000 PER SEAT. DFER is on track to spend at least that much for the two incumbents and one open seat this time. If you are in Denver, please, please, please vote for Mike Kiley in the NW, Kristi Butkovich in SE, Robert Speth at large. The future of public education in Denver depends on this.