NCLB (No Child Left Behind) Testing

HR5 Stalled: Democrats Insist on Testing Mandates

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Of course it is civil rights issue!
This is the second assault on teachers, and the first assault worked so well, that they figured lets go the same way…. no one represents the civil-rights of teachers or this ocul into have happened… tens of thousands of teachers were sent out the door with bogus allegations AS THE UNONS, LOOKED THE OTHER WAY, and did not address grievances. The hearings were kangaroo courts.

Right now, the same abuse is going on.
Look at what they did to Francesco Portelos in NYC
or David Pakter, a brilliant celebrated teacher
and it is ongoing in LA right now.

NYC has a dedicated ‘gotcha’ squad,
as the governor tries to enact legislation to make VAM 50% of a teacher’s evaluation.

Teachers are fair game, because the sixth amendment does not apply to them in the school workplace (that would require the uNION to argue for them) , and administrators are NOT sworn UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY… which means they can allege ANYTHING they want, and the teacher will be GONE.

In LAUSD 10,000 were accused of this or that, and ALL were fired… so VAM is actually an easier way , a RUSE to get rid of teachers with cooked up evidence of incompetence.

All the activists who were taken down in the first assault, listen to you younger teachers under attack now, and say;” DON’T YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE VAM?

Here is a sample:

and in case you have not heard this brand of lawlessness, which I have posted many times

Testing is actually a much simpler way for the top-down dictators to remove a teacher’s salary from the budget — but yes, it is a total abrogation of civil rights!!

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