Florida superintendent Pam Stewart sent a stern message to every district:


“We all know there have been questions about opt out and that there were situations where this occurred last year. Section 1008.22, F.S., regarding statewide, standardized assessments, states clearly that participation is mandatory for all districts and all students attending public schools. My belief is that students that do not want to test should not be sitting in public schools, as it is mandatory and required for students seeking a standard high school diploma. Statewide, standardized assessments are part of requirement to attend school, like immunization records. That is our message and what we send to you to be shared with your staff.”


Opting out of state tests is not allowed. Taking the standardized tests is mandatory. Parents have no right to refuse the tests for their child.


Remember that Florida is the state where a dying boy with severe disabilities was expected to take the test. His parents had to present proof that he was in hospice to the state.


The test was more important than his life.