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With school doors now opening across the U.S., FairTest kicks off its 30th Anniversary of advocacy for assessments that are valid, open and educationally useful. Working with grassroots activists across the country, we are currently making great progress to roll back test misuse and overuse in both the K-12 and university admissions arenas, as our weekly new clip summaries demonstrate. You can help build an even stronger assessment reform movement by making a special contribution today:

National Latest SAT Scores Raise New Alarms Over “Test-and-Punish” Schooling

National Dropping Admissions Exam Requirements Improves Colleges’ Diversity

Multiple States Computer Testing Administration SNAFUS Render Data Useless

List of Jurisdictions Experiencing Computer Testing Problems 2013-2015

California How Districts Are Developing New Measures of School Quality

California Governor Supports Bill for Retroactive Exit Exam Repeal

Florida Independent Report Finds Computerized Test Scores Should Not Be Used for Student-Level Consequences

Florida Inside Look at Rocky Start for State’s New Exams

Florida Student Tests Deserve an “F”

Georgia Last Teacher in Atlanta Cheating Scandal Sentenced to One Year in Jail

Idaho Boise School Board Leads Push to Replace Smarter Balanced Assessments

Indiana Indiana New Vendor But Testing Concerns Linger

Indiana Accountability Pause Would Reaffirm State’s Commitment to Education

Maine Superintendent Decries Testing Mandates

Maryland Educators Say Testing Is Chipping Away at Teaching

Minnesota Educators Call for Deep Reductions in Testing Requirements

Missouri First Year of Online Testing Is Challenge for Schools

Montana Recovers $375,000 From Vendor of Botched Spring Exams; State Withholds Other Testing Payments

New Jersey Lawsuit Demands State Stop Using PARCC, SAT Tests for Graduation

New Jersey As School Returns, Testing Issue Has Not Faded

New Mexico Judge to Hear Request to Suspend State Teacher Evaluation System

New York Opt-Out Letter Gains Traction Even Before Schools Open

New York Superintendent Slams Evaluation System in Letter to Teachers, Principals

Vermont State Surprised By Number of Districts Offering to Test New Quality Review System

Virginia Pressure Around State Test Prep Begins on First Day of School–sol-test-prep-begins–first-day–school/71647136/

Washington Testing a Major Issue in Seattle Teacher Strike Vote

Washington Too Much Testing in High Schools Should End

Why Some Progressives Fall for “Accountability” and Phony Education Reform

To Measure, Or to Assess Learning? Human Judgment Is Not the Problem, It’s the Solution

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