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FairTest: A Week of Resistance to the Misuse of High-Stakes Testing

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The revolt against high-stakes testing–its misuse and overuse–grows daily, across every state and region.


FairTest reports:


The U.S. assessment reform movement continues to rack up victories, as summarized in a new report from FairTest and another week of clips from around the nation. Please help FairTest build on this success by contributing to support our Heroes in Education awards to Lani Guinier and Nancy Carlsson-Paige


National Major New Report — “Testing Reform Victories: Growing Grassroots Movement Rolls Back Testing Overkill”
National Financial, Political Problems Plague Rollout of Common Core Standards and Tests


Multiple States Increase in Online Standardized Exams Likely to Create More Problems
FairTest Chronology of Computerized Testing SNAFUs


Arizona Community Leaders, Educators Discuss Testing Issues


California Don’t Judge a School By Its Test Scores
California Thousands to Receive High School Diplomas Despite Failing Exit Exam


Colorado Standardized Testing Is Not a Good Use of Classroom Time
Colorado Test-Selected “Gifted-and-Talented” Program Heavily Skewed Toward White Students


Florida New Teacher Union Leader Has Same Foe: Test Mania
Florida County School Superintendent Axes 192 District-Mandated Exams


Idaho Superintendent Criticizes Test-Centric Education


Indiana Schools Deal With Ongoing Test Score Reporting Delay


Maryland Town Halls Gather Parent, Student, Teacher Feedback on Testing
Maryland Test-Based Evaluation System Reduces Students and Teachers to Datasets


Massachusetts No Matter What Exam Is Used, High-Stakes Testing Will Dominate Education


Minnesota Too Many Standardized Tests? The Evidence Says “Yes”


New Hampshire Assessment Reform Pilot Seeks to Grow Up and Out


New Jersey New Laws Ban Standardized Tests for Young Children, Withholding School Funds Due to High Opt-Out Rates
New Jersey PARCC Results Magnify Race and Income Gaps


New Mexico Who Tests the Tests?


New York Baffling Bureaucratic Response to Opt Out Movement
New York Principal Tells Parents: “We Have to Administer Tests, But Your Kids Don’t Have to Take Them”


North Carolina District Board Passes Resolution Against Labeling Schools “Low Performing”


Oregon Let Teachers Do the Testing


Pennsylvania More Exams Don’t Mean Better Students


Rhode Island Over Testing Creates School Culture of Stress


Tennessee School Testing “Gamesmanship”
Tennessee State Decision to Bar Legislator From Taking Sample Test Is Troubling


Texas How to Reduce the Public School Testing Burden


Vermont State Board Tells Parents: Common Core Scores Don’t Mean Much
Vermont Too Much Testing, Not Enough Learning


Washington Seattle Cuts Back Testing for Youngest Grades
Washington With White House Rethinking Tests, State Wants Its No Child Left Behind Waiver Back


GRE Bias and Barriers Have Graduate Schools Questioning Admissions Tests


Will “Competency Based Learning” Rescue the Testocracy?



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