Over the past generation, Detroit has suffered from de-industrialization, middle-class flight, high poverty, joblessness, and abandonment by the state and civic elites. One reform after another has failed to “save” its schools, because reformers ignored the root causes of poor academic performance.


Now, conservative Michigan Governor Rick Snyder plans to get rid of public education and turn Detroit into an all-charter district like Néw Orleans. This is now public officials’ favorite way of getting rid of their responsibility, by handing it off to the private sector.


Here is one analysis of the continuing abandonment of the children of Detroit. I don’t usually cite partisan sources but this is as good an in-depth a review as I have seen. If you spot any errors, let me know.


It is a sad story. Our nation can’t afford to educate its poorest children. Actually, it can afford to but chooses not to. They need small classes; arts programs; experienced teachers; stability. None of that is part of the plan. We lack the will to help those who most need a good education.