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David Coleman Tells Newman Society to Go Slow with Common Core

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This is an interesting development. David Coleman was the architect of the Common Core; Arne Duncan used Race to the Top to push it into almost every public school in the United States, without any prior field testing.


Now Coleman tells the Cardinal Newman Society that Catholic schools should not abandon their own core religious values. Did he ever tell public schools to go slowly?

Catholic is our core

Cardinal Newman Society


Editorial: Catholic Schools Should Proudly Keep ‘Catholic’ as Their Core


December 14, 2015



Common Core co-developer David Coleman says that Catholic schools should have the “moxie” to preserve and celebrate their Catholic identity and emphasis on the liberal arts — and The Cardinal Newman Society wholeheartedly agrees.


Today the Newman Society published two reports from our exclusive interview with Mr. Coleman , who not only helped write the Common Core Standards but also is CEO of The College Board, which is revising its college entrance exam (SAT) to reflect the Common Core. Although Mr. Coleman supports the Common Core, his comments to the Newman Society reinforce our consistent position that Catholic schools must have non-negotiable standards of Catholic identity and emphasis on the liberal arts. They should not compromise those standards for any reason, including conformity to sweeping school reforms.


Moreover, there is no need to rush into the Common Core Standards in Catholic education, even if educators find some value in them. Observe and see what works, reject what doesn’t. Mr. Coleman praises religious liberal arts education and says that students in traditional Catholic schools — even those in the growing number of classical education programs — have no need to worry about getting lower SAT scores on his revised exams. Certainly Catholic educators have no reason to fear falling behind public schools.


Changing curricula, textbooks, testing and literature standards in order to “keep up” with the Common Core is not in the best interest of Catholic schools and the students and families they serve. The Cardinal Newman Society works with wonderful Catholic schools across the country that continue to have great success providing a traditional liberal arts education with a strong Catholic mission.


It’s time for Catholic educators to “be proud of what you have to offer, which is different,” as Mr. Coleman said. Let’s stand in confidence with what we know and believe.


Please join with us in promoting faithful Catholic education by forwarding this email on to a family member or friend.



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