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Chicago: Is Rahm Emanuel in Trouble in His Bid for a Third Term?

Interesting essay samples and examples on:

It’s interesting to see Peter Cunningham post articles on his site Education Post which proclaim Rahm to be the savior of Chicago Public Schools, claiming that Rahm / Rahm’s policies have successfully performed a miracle turnaround in Chicago’s schools.

It’s an opinion that almost no one else — save The 74 — shares.

Arne Duncan, Rahm Emanuel, Peter Cunningham … they’re all part of the Obama clique, having all worked in the White House during Obama’s first term.

Arne Duncan — Secretary of Ed,

Rahm Emanuel — Chief of Staff (who opposed Obamacare, btw)

Peter Cunningham — Duncan’s Communications something-or-other.

Currently, the Chicago Public Schools is reeling from one scandal to the other — the second-to-last CEO was sent to the slammer for years for graft; the last CEO had to resign when incontrovertible proof of corruption was unearthed (long story), and recently, the Trib did a brutal expose of CPS’ total mis-handling of sexual abuse allegations, hiring and/or letting stay known perverts who were molesting kids.

And on it goes.

However, you wouldn’t know any of that from Rahm’s buddy Peter Cunningham ‘s fawning coverage of at Cunningham’s EDUCATION POST (again, leading up to Rahm’s next election).

Here’s two such articles:


I particularly like the spin on that last one:

Kids’ scores are stagnating, but hey, that’s GOOD news!

Again, Peter Cunningham runs and has full control over what gets published over at his EDUCATION POST. There’s absolutely no other articles countering the “Chicago schools are all wonderful” claim, nor are there any contrary opinions within those articles above.

It’s pure propaganda to help Peter’s buddy get Rahm re-elected.

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