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Campbell Brown Has a Big Role at Facebook: She Loves School Choice, Hates Public Schools and Unions

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Steven Singer’s post criticizing school choice as “a lie” was blocked by Facebook.

Facebook refuses to accept ads from the Network for Public Education critical of school choice or any other ads from NPE supporting public schools and its two sites on Facebook.

Campbell Brown was hired by Facebook earlier this year to be a liaison with news media and to help avoid “fake news.” Whatever it is she is doing, she plays an important role at Facebook.

Now we know that Facebook has admitted selling at least 3,000 ads to Russian troll farms that disseminated fake news about issues and Clinton, concentrating on key states like Wisconsin and Michigan. Brown was not working at Facebook at the time those 3,000 Russian ads were aimed at voters in strategic states. [The original version of this post suggested that she was there but I was wrong: she was hired by Facebook in early 2017, after the election, as noted above in the link.]

Why did Facebook sell ads to Russian troll farms in 2016 but refuses to sell any ads at all to the Network for Public Education?

Campbell Brown is a friend of Betsy DeVos. She wrote a post at her website “The 74” defending DeVos when she was nominated by Trump. She was on the board of DeVos’ pro-voucher, pro-choice, pro-charter, anti-public school American Federation for Children. DeVos gave money to Campbell Brown’s anti-tenure, anti-union website “The 74.” Brown’s husband Dan Senor is active in Republican politics.

Is there a pattern here?

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