Hundreds of  students walked out of school in Boston this week to protest budget cuts that are pending.


Costs are rising faster than funding, and the schools may sustain $50 million in cuts to programs and services.

A day of protests by Boston students over potential education cuts — with hundreds walking out of their classes and three arrests — was capped by a demonstration at a School Committee budget meeting in Jamaica Plain last night, where hundreds of pupils demanded the board not slash funding.

Sera Tapia, a freshman at Boston Latin Academy, urged the committee to fully fund the schools at current levels.

“I have three more years at BLA. If they cut the budget next year, my education and learning will be undermined,” Tapia said. “It is not right for schools not to be fully funded at all levels: elementary, middle and high school.”


Nathaniel Coronado, also a freshman, called the next year’s budget proposal “unacceptable.”


“People stress they want the younger generation to be leaders in the 21st century, but if our schools aren’t properly funded, we can’t become the people we aspire to be,” he said. “It is wrong for our schools not to be fully funded at all levels.”