The other night I was watching the PBS Newshour and was pleased when they said they would have a discussion of the NCLB reauthorization. Was America over testing its children, the announcer intoned. The discussion was certainly not a debate. The two discussants were Rick Hess of the conservative American Enterprise Institute and former West Virginia Governor Bob Wise of the Alliance for Excellent Education, a close ally of Jeb Bush. No teachers or parents were invited to the discussion.

Here is another one-sided discussion. You might consider watching and phoning in.

JULY 12, 2015

No Child Left Behind Law Rewrite
Nina Rees of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and Phillip Lovell of the Alliance for Excellent Education talk about the developments in the rewriting of the No Child Left Behind law and preview what’s next for education policy.

Airing LIVE Sunday, Jul 12 8:30am EDT on C-SPAN

Nina Rees was education advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney in the George W. Bush administration.

Again, no teachers or parents. Only inside-the-Beltway talkers.