Not too much was said about education last night, and the candidates already have demonstrated by word and deed that they would like to break up, eliminate, eviscerate, or diminish public education. We already know the records of Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich. If you care about public education as a central component of a democratic society, this is not a good field from which to choose a president. The group proved to be bellicose, obsessed with abortion, and playing to the far right extremes of the Republican party.

Some especially offensive moments:

1) when Donald Trump responded to a question about his attitude towards women by belittling the woman who asked the question.

2) when Scott Walker said that he opposes abortion without exception, even in the case of rape, incest, and the risk to the mother’s life. When pressed about the latter, he said that he would always choose the life of the unborn child over the life of the mother. I wished there had been a follow-up about whether he would sacrifice the life of his own wife. There wasn’t.

Here are some other responses to the debate that I liked: Andy Borowitz in his daily New Yorker joke said that Scott Walker proved that he was ready to be an assistant manager at a car rental agency.

Paul Krugman’s reactions resonated with me. The thought of any of these guys becoming President of the United States is alarming.