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What Do Kanye West and Betsy DeVos Have in Common?

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Answer: They both visited rapper Pitbull’s charter school in Miami.

Pitbull, I have heard, is a misogynistic, foul mouthed rapper who has made a lot of money being crude while singing.

According to Wikipedia:

He attended South Miami Senior High School before graduating from Miami Coral Park High School, where he focused his career on rapping.

Who knew that “rapping” was in the curriculum. Well, it worked for him. Bigly.

Of course, he had to have his own charter school.

His school is part of the for-profit Academica chain.

Happily for Academica, it has close relationships with certain state legislators, so accountability is light to non-existent. Today, he calls himself (according to the NPR story linked below) “Mr. Education.” The National Charter School Conference invited him to be its keynote speaker.

Pitbull’s SLAM Academy has the full support of the national charter leadership. He is a celebrity, so they don’t mind his profanity or his history as a drug dealer. Nor do they care that he never went to college. He has fame, and how he got it doesn’t matter.

Nina Rees, who heads the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, says she’s not about to apologize for supporting the rapper’s school.

“Whether it’s Pitbull or Meryl Streep in Rhode Island or Sandra Bullock in Louisiana,” she says, “charters do benefit from celebrities because public schools, they do have to market themselves to families because these are schools of choice.”

Rees says she has no problem with Pitbull’s music, either.

“We’re not endorsing his music, but welcoming him as an investor,” Rees says. Besides, she adds, everybody is entitled to their own tastes. “I admit that I’m a fan of his music.”

Three of Pitbull’s six children attend charter schools.

“I’m not just a charter school advocate. … I’m a charter school parent,” Pitbull said when talking at this year’s National Charter School Conference in D.C. “And that makes me one of you.”


I wonder if children in his charter study his lyrics.

More news about Pitbull, AKA “Mr. Education.”

He plans to open another charter school in Arizona.

Thus ends American education, washed up on the rocks of capitalism and vainglorious egotism, turned into an international joke, as rappers, sports stars, celebrities, grifters, and entrepreneurs claim public money to open their own school. No experience needed.

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