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Three Sisters Win Emerson Prize from The Concord Review for Their History Essays

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Since 1987, The Concord Review (TCR) has sought and published more than 1,300 history research papers by high school
students from 41 countries in 121 quarterly issues. 

Over the course of these many years, Will Fitzhugh, the founder of TCR, has been turned down by every foundation while seeking funding for this worthy endeavor. In their drive for innovation, the nation’s philanthropies did not find merit in the idea of acknowledging the dedication of students who conduct primary historical research and who are recognized by having their work published.

In different years,, three sisters from  Cincinnati, Ohio, won the journal’s highest honor: the Emerson Prize.

The girls attended Summit Country Day School.

Winners of the Emerson Prize: (left to right):

Caroline Elizabeth Walton, The Tudors, Volume 27, Number 1 {18,000 words)

Victoria Claire Walton, Operation Valkyrie, Volume 29, Number 1 (15,000 words)

Emily K. Walton, Mary Queen of Scots, Volume 24, Number 3 (13,200 words)



Fitzhugh wants high school students to read history, not textbooks, but actual history. He wants them to do research and write in-depth history essays. He publishes the best of them in TCR.

In addition, he offers these services:


High School students planning to go to college should know that they will face reading lists of nonfiction books and be asked to write research papers. The vast majority of American public high school students are not asked to read a single complete nonfiction book or to write a term paper before graduation. But they suspect that the safe spaces of fiction readings and personal writing will not prepare them well enough for college. In many cases their teachers have neither the inclination nor the time to help them with History research papers, and while some students, such as many of those published in The Concord Review since 1987, have set up Independent Study programs which let them write such papers, others may want to make use of the services we offer to serious secondary students of History:

One: The National Writing Board [1998] provides a unique independent assessment service for the History research papers of high school students. Our reports by two Senior Readers now average five pages and may be sent to college admissions officers. Inquire at
Two: The TCR Summer Program [2014] offers a two-week course on the writing of serious History papers by secondary students, with three sessions in the United States, and one in Korea, in 2019. Contact: [email protected] (Manager of the TCR Summer Program).
Three: The TCR Academic Coaching Service [2014] matches high school students working on a History research paper online with TCR Authors now at or recently graduated from Chicago, Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford and Yale. Personal advice and guidance from a successful older peer (many are Emerson Prize winners) can be inspiring and productive for secondary students struggling with serious term papers. Contact [email protected] (Manager of the TCR Academic Coaches).
Four: The Concord Review [1987] can provide students with a fine variety of examples from the History research papers published by >1,300 high school students from 45 states and 40 other countries in 121 issues since 1987. This journal remains the only quarterly in the world for the academic History research papers of secondary students. These papers have served many students as useful models of research and writing to inspire and guide them in their own reading, research and writing. Find many examples at

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