Please read this chilling story in the Washington Post about Jesse Osborne, who wanted to go down in history as the school shooter who killed more people than the killers at Columbine or Sandy Hook. You can read it here for free, where it is not behind a paywall. 

He spent many hours on the Internet reading about mass murders and idolizing the murderers.

He wanted to use his dad’s semi-automatic but he didn’t have the combination to his dad’s gun safe. So he took his dad’s 40-caliber pistol, killed his dad, and headed to the local elementary school in South Carolina that he had attended, There he killed a six-year-old on the playground, but his gun jammed and he was taken down by a volunteer foreman.

Ironically, his father’s semi-automatic was not locked in the safe. If Jesse had been able to bring it to the elementary school, he would have achieved his goal of being the biggest mass murderer of them all.

Jesse is 16 now. He recently had a hearing. The judge has to decide whether to try him as a juvenile or an adult. If tried as a juvenile, he will be free at the age of 21.

What kind of society breeds such sociopaths?

Think of the mayhem he would have caused if he had been able to get his dad’s semi-automatic. He dreamed of killing scores of people. He wanted to be famous.

If he is ever freed, he should be a keynote speaker at the NRA annual meeting. There’s only one hitch: the NRA does not allow guns into its meetings. Sad.