Vicki Abeles, the professional film-maker who created the brilliant anti-testing film “Race to Nowhere” is finishing work on a new film with a positive message about public education today and those who are fighting against the testing mania.


She needs our help. She has started a Thunderclap campaign. Please sign up for it. 


Vicki sent this message. She needs your help today!


We are working to get word out far and wide and would love your support. We launched a Thunderclap campaign to help raise awareness. Thunderclap is a tool that works with your existing social media accounts to authorize Thunderclap to post one message from us (and only that message) on your Twitter or Facebook account. Thunderclap sends that post out from all our supporters on the same day, at the same time! It’s like a digital megaphone sending out our message with one (loud) voice. If you sign up, here’s the message that will go out on your social media platforms if you opt in (you can also edit the message):
Support a new film from the #RacetoNowhere team. This time? The bright side of American #education. #BeyondMeasure.


Thunderclap is an all-or-nothing platform. We have to meet our minimum goal of 250 participants by February 17 or no messages will be sent. I’d love your participation. It’s easy and fast to join on this page