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Steven Singer: Eight Things I Like About Elizabeth Warren’s Plan, and One I Don’t Like

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clarity says:

The billionaire consortiums funding non-profits and school board campaigns are pushing endless black box interim assessments and surveys nearly weekly. The plan looks like replacing the year end tests with these.

The college and career readiness ties directly into the Community Schools model that is also being funded in various ways by the billionaires. Gates has his version, Jobs has hers, and sometimes the consortium funded lobbyists help pass measures to get the public to fund their plans. They continue to seat their reformers on the college/school boards, community non-profit boards, as non profits heads,committee chairs, superintendents and so on… The emphasis is for 9 and 10 year olds to begin choosing pathways, for counselors use profitable software to supposedly gather each child’s capacity for learning at specific points in time and to set them on paths to fill local government, business and non-profit positions. No critical thinking skills required.

Predictive analytics and digital student data empower COMMUNITY SCHOOLS non-profit partners to direct and redirect students.

Yes, Laura H. Chapman, the “corporatized personalized learning” packaged and sold as the fix to the one size fits all approach is cover for social credit scoring.

If Warren is serious about tightening FERPA her plan will also need to prohibit all third party access to student pii by all third party actors, including those named as non-profit “school officials” by requiring Opt-in for ALL STUDENT pii as the rule and not the exception. Otherwise, social credit scores remain in play, still controlled by the wealthy through their government puppets.

How will Warren’s promise to improve the CRDC’s data collection and timely use of these data help? Currently, the CRDC no longer tracks data on high school equivalency course exam results or Advanced Placement course exam results. These data were eliminated to track data on computer science classes and school internet access. So, the tracking goals appear to be personalized through recurring connectivity “investments” while disregarding outcomes geared toward higher achievement.

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