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Steve Denning Connects the Dots in the Mueller Investigation

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I recall that Reagan was known as the Teflon coated president.

“Teflon-coated presidency

“A president’s ability to deflect charges of corruption or scandal.

“The term originates was coined by Rep. Pat Schroeder (D-CO) when she took to the House floor in 1983 and said of President Ronald Reagan: “He has been perfecting the Teflon-coated presidency: He sees to it that nothing sticks to him.”

“Writing in USA Today two decades later, Schroeder explained she “got the idea of calling President Reagan the ‘Teflon president’ while fixing eggs for my kids. He had a Teflon coat like the pan.”

“Steve Kornacki notes Schroeder’s characterization “was meant to be disparaging, but in coining the term ‘Teflon president,’ Schroeder actually identified a significant phenomenon in politics — the willingness of voters to excuse in some politicians shortcomings that they wouldn’t accept in most others.”

Did you know that Teflon is toxic if you consume it by not using your Teflon coated cookware properly?

What is Donald Trump coated with that has allowed him to get away with fraud and white-collar crimes for decades, and will that toxic, poisonous coating be enough to allow him to slip away again like Ronald Reagan got away with the Iran-Contra affair, The Department of Housing and Urban Development Grant Rigging, the lobbying scandal, the EPA scandals, the Savings % Loan crises, Operation ill Wind, the Wedtech scandal, and Debategate?

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