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Smarter Balanced Test Is Spying on Children

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A reader (nextlevel2000) left a comment with a link to the social media guidelines of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. What is amazing is that the guidelines tell school officials how to monitor their students on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to see if they are violating test security.

Privacy is truly dead.

Mercedes Schneider saw the same guidelines and appropriately skewers them.

How do you feel about a testing company encouraging educators to spy on students’ online exchanges?


Smarter Balanced Test Security

Maintaining test security during administration of the Field Test is critical to preserving the integrity of test items and validity of the test itself. The Consortium is closely monitoring social media networks for security breaches and escalating to states when appropriate. These guidelines provide recommendations for monitoring social media and we hope you find them helpful.

Test Administration Procedures

It is important to be vigilant before, during, and after testing for any situations that could lead to or be an impropriety, irregularity, or breach. Please remember that only individuals who have been appropriately trained and whose presence is required may be present during the administration of the Field Test.

To get ahead of the problem and reduce the number of security breaches on social media, we encourage you to refer to the Smarter Balanced Test Administration Manual (Appendix B) for detailed information on the impact and definition of incidences as well as the timeline for reporting these activities.

Sites to Monitor

Twitter (

 If your school has a Twitter account, you can take advantage of following your students by requesting their @username and/or encouraging them to the follow the school Twitter account.

Following @SmarterBalanced will also help you to monitor our news feed.

 To search for conversations and posts about the Field Test, consider the following search queries:

o #sbac or #smarterbalanced
o #[insert name of school] or @[insert school Twitter handle] o “smarter balanced” or “sbac”
Facebook (
 If your school has a Facebook page, invite your students to join.
 If your students have public profiles, you can also search their news feed and photo gallery for
security breaches.
 Similar to Twitter, you can conduct searches by entering “smarter balanced” or “sbac” or “[insert
name of school]”
Statigram ( )
 Statigram is a webviewer for Instagram and allows you to search and manage comments more
easily. You will need to create an account for yourself to search comments on Statigram. If you
have a private account, you can use this information to login and review information.
 To search for posts about the Field Test, use the same search queries recommended for Twitter.

What to look for

 Images of the computer screen that show ELA or math test items
 Any photographs that appear to be taken in the test administration room. These can be images
students have taken of themselves or their classmates as well as pictures taken by test
administrators of the testing session.
 Tweets that indicate test security policies are not being upheld.

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