This comment was posted in response to this morning’s commentary on the neglected schools of Detroit: 

“As a long time D.R. blog lurker, I finally decided moved to post. For the past 30+ years my work has been that of an environmental science evaluator of mostly urban public schools on behalf of occupants and the organizations that represent them – not for district management. I think we have missed a very large boat — great leaders – yes!; great staff – yes! but without schools that are in acceptable condition, nothing else matters — great leaders and great staff don’t come to, or else end up leaving schools that are falling apart. It is impossible to teach or to learn effectively in such schools. People are sickened and absent. Books, and other materials destroyed and unavailable. Mold, lead and asbestos, as well as leaks, broken windows, chipping and flaking paint all conspire to make a school unworkable. If we don’t resolve these conditions now, nothing else can be successfully achieved.”