I was invited to write about education and technology by EdSurge, which specializes in ed tech. I decided to do it in hopes that my words of caution would reach entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who had not given much thought to the downsides of the tech mania.

This is what I wrote.

I pointed to five major risks. The first was the invasion of student privacy.

I began like this:

At any given moment in the day, I am attached to my cellphone, my iPad or my computer. As a writer, I was an early convert to the computer. I began writing on a TRS-80 from Radio Shack in 1983 on wonderful writing software called WordPerfect, which has mysteriously disappeared. I had two TRS-80s, because one of them was always in repair. I love the computer for many reasons. I no longer had to white out my errors; I no longer had to retype an entire article because of errors. My handwriting is almost completely illegible. The computer is a godsend for a writer and editor.

I have seen teachers who use technology to inspire inquiry, research, creativity and excitement. I understand what a powerful tool it is.

But it is also fraught with risk, and the tech industry has not done enough to mitigate the risks.