Peter Greene is well aware that one of every five New York parents opted their child out of the Common Core exams. Not even Governor Cuomo has publicly supported the Common Core; when asked about it during his re-election campaign in 2014, he dodged the question. His task force recently responded to parent outrage by promising to rewrite the standards and review the tests.


Yet here comes Center for American Progress with a poll claiming that New Yorkers really DO love Common Core!


And Peter picks the poll apart with his usual hilarious metaphors!


In an era in which even Jeb Bush has stopped saying the name out loud, no group has cheered harder for the Common Core than the Center for American Progress (theoretically left-leaning holding pen for interregnum Clinton staffers). No argument is too dumb, no data set too ridiculous. If that dog won’t hunt, CAP ties a rope around its neck and drags it.


So it’s no surprise that CAP is back with yet another Pubic Policy Polling poll announced with the breathless headline “NEW POLL: WHEN NEW YORKERS SEE SPECIFIC COMMON CORE STANDARDS, THEY SUPPORT THE COMMON CORE.” Partnering up on this raft of ridiculousness is High Achievement New York, a coalition of business groups like the Business Council of New York State and reformster groups like StudentsFirstNY.


The poll, found here in its entirety, is as fine an example of scrambled thinking used to fuel PR as you’ll find anywhere. In the world of polling, there are two types of polls– a poll that seeks to find out what people are really thinking, and a poll that tries to make it look like people are thinking what I want them to think. This would be the second type of poll.