Peter Cunningham, who worked for Arne Duncan as Assistant Secretary for Communications in the first Obama term, founded the pro-Corporate Reform website Education Post, which consistently supports charter schools and high-stakes testing.

He is stepping aside to help Bill Daley run for Mayor of Chicago, hoping to restore the Daley legacy as Boss of Chicago. Peter is doing it “for the children.” Bill Daley’s father and brother were both mayor of Chicago. Now it’s his turn. Wonder if Daley will continue Rahm’s policies of closing public schools en masse and defunding them?

Daley was Commerce Secretary under Bill Clinton and served as Obama’s chief of staff after Rahm left to run for mayor of Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune writes:

His brother, former Mayor Richard M. Daley, departed City Hall in 2011 after overseeing a long run of economic growth and political stability — but also leaving the city’s finances in shambles. Bill Daley’s surname alone will open him up to attacks from opponents, who could try to tag him with some of his kin’s least-popular legacies, like his father’s old-school machine politics and his brother’s much-loathed deal to privatize the city’s parking meters.

Daley also will face criticism for his strong ties in the financial sector, from New York’s Wall Street to Chicago’s LaSalle Street. His political party is moving to the left nationally, with many centrist establishment Democrats like him struggling to gain a foothold with an increasingly more liberal electorate. And after three flirtations with running for governor, Daley will have to convince Chicagoans that he’s for real this time.

The implicit good news here is that Arne Duncan is not running for mayor.