We are becoming desensitized to lies told by our president and vice-president.

Here is a whopper. Mike Pence went to Kentucky and said that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) had failed in Kentucky. He was either misinformed or lied. Our nation’s leaders have access to accurate information, so I think it likely he lied.

Because of ACA, the number of uninsured people in Kentucky dropped dramatically. How can this be a failure?

Half a million Kentuckians gained insurance because of ACA:

In 2013, 20.4 percent of Kentucky residents were uninsured. In 2016, that number had fallen to 7.8 percent.

Remember, this is a blog about education. When families are uninsured, their children are less likely to get the health care they need, and more likely to be sick, and to be absent from school, and to have lower motivation because of illness and stress.

When listening to Pence or Trump, it is safe to assume that whatever they say is not true. David Corn of Mother Jones tweeted the other day, “You can’t fact-check crazy.” But in this instance, you can fact-check Pence’s claim that Kentucky is worse off because of ACA. It is not.