I have been glued to the television since 10 a.m.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has testified candidly. She doesn’t remember every detail but she vividly remembers every detail of being sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh. Her most vivid memory: hearing Brett and his friend Mark Judge “laughing uproariously” as Brett pinned her down and tried to remove her clothes.

She is modest, sincere, honest. She is totally credible.

I believe her.

The other striking visual is the “visual” silence of the Republican Senators (except Senator Grassley, the 85-year-old chairman, who opened the hearings by haranguing Dr. Blasey without giving her the courtesy of introducing her). The fact that they brought in Rachel Mitchell, a prosecutor from Arizona, to ask questions on their behalf speaks volumes about their cowardice. They are literally afraid to ask questions of Dr. Blasey for fear that they would look like sexist pigs and bullies. They were right about that. Ted Cruz is afraid to speak. Lindsey Graham is afraid to speak. All of them are afraid to speak and show their faces contorted with derision, rage, and condescension.

The Arizona prosecutor Rachel Mitchel has asked many questions but failed to rattle Dr. Blasey or to refute anything she has said.

The lesson today to boys and men: Don’t get dead drunk. Don’t assault women just because they are physically weaker. Behave. Do not take advantage of women. Not your girlfriend. Not your wife. Not your sister. Not your daughter. Not strangers. Treat women with respect, as you want to be treated with respect.

(Senator Lindsey Graham just said on TV that he will vote to confirm Kavanaugh no matter what Dr. Blasey says or how credible she is.)