Ohio has withdrawn from the federally funded PARCC test, but the results came in from last spring’s tests. A little more than one-third “met expectations.” Put another way, nearly two-thirds “failed.”

Under the old state tests, 75-80% were proficient. Ohio softened the blow of high failure rate by creating a new category called “Approached Expectations.” This reduced the proportion of “failures.”

“That will have, for example, students that “Met Expectations” on PARCC rated as “Accelerated” by Ohio. And students will be labeled as “Proficient” by Ohio, even if they still just “Approached Expectations” of the 12 PARCC states.

“That means that many more kids will labeled as “Proficient” than the PARCC states would consider as meeting expectations.

“Jim Wright, ODE’s director of assessment, told the board this morning that shouldn’t be a concern.

“Educators across the country have warned that scores and ratings would drop with the new tests. The proposed ratings will bring a drop, just not the “cliff” that people warned about, Wright said.”