Newark Resistance Students

Newark Student Protest Continues

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A small group of Newark high school students continues to occupy the office of the State-appointed District Superintendent Cami Anderson.


They say they will remain until she meets with them or resigns.


Mayor Ras Baraka spoke sympathetically about the student protest:


“They’re obviously frustrated about not being able to have a voice in what happens around their own education,” Newark Mayor Ras Baraka said at a news conference outside of school district headquarters Thursday.


“As the mayor of this state’s largest city, I am also frustrated that I do not have a say-so in what is happening in the education of the children that exist and live in these communities,” he said.


At least eight students, who call themselves the Newark Student Union, seized Superintendent Cami Anderson’s office Tuesday night during a public schools advisory board meeting, and have remained on the floor where Anderson and other administrators have offices. They’re protesting Anderson’s leadership of the school district, including school building assignments and her support for charter schools.


The students claim the district is trying to “starve out” the Newark Student Union by purposely depriving them of food.


“For anyone tuning in right now, right now we’re giving a live stream explaining what’s going on. We have a food situation,” one student is heard saying in the background of the live stream. “They haven’t given it to us yet.”


Another student said the protesters are surviving on chips and candy they brought in themselves Wednesday night.


Meanwhile, a reader of the blog named Liz sent the students a pizza! Liz wrote:


It did get to them! If anyone wants to support them, Tony’s Pizza (973) 821-4723 delivered to them. I had it sent to 2 Cedar St 8th floor and sent them an email telling them it was coming, and they sent me a picture back of the pizza box with thank you written on it. I say we do what we can to let them know that we appreciate what they are doing.



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