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New Jersey: How Chris Christie Allowed Charter Entrepreneurs to Rip Off Taxpayers

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Chiara says:

There’s a lot of spin in edreformworld.

They’re all lockstep pushing “porfolio” districts and Cleveland is a portfolio district.

Ed reformers announced that Cleveland charters score slightly higher than Cleveland public schools. You have to go to p. 11 of a 16 page report to find this:

“State data show that CMSD enrolls a higher
percentage of both English language learners
(19 percent for CMSD vs. 6 percent in charter
schools) and students with special educational
needs (22 percent in the district vs. 13 percent
in charter schools). This difference in student
populations served may account for some of
the variation in academic performance.”

I don’t mind that they promote charter and private schools over public schools. They’re charter and voucher advocates- one would expect them to promote the schools they’re paid to promote.

I mind that they present slick, sophisticated marketing as “science”.

They don’t have a shred of proof that the “portfolio” plan improves public school systems, yet they are pushing it in FORTY cities. That’s not science. It’s a belief.

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