As the world turns, the reform leaders come and go, like swallows or salmon or starlings.


Either Michelle Rhee or Wendy Kopp founded the New Teacher Project, now known simply as TNTP. Then Kopp stepped down, then Rhee stepped down, then Rhee’s replacement stepped down, and the new leader of TNTP is Karolyn Belcher.


TNTP is here to supply new teachers for urban districts, well prepared and ready for reformer success.


Belcher is a product of Teach for America; she taught for two years in New Orleans.


As Mercedes Schneider explains, Belcher opened a charter school in New York City. It was one of the first charter schools in New York Cityto be closed for poor performance.


She then took a high-level position with TNTP, rose rapidly through the ranks, and  is now president, with an annual salary north of $250,000 (which she received when she was only a VP).


Having led a failed charter school, she is well prepared to direct TNTP and produce recruits who are ready for success.