The Sony picture “The Interview” created an International brouhaha. From what we know, the North Korean government hacked into Sony’s computer system and caused massive damage to protest the release of the movie. As you know, movie theater chains refused to show the movie, fearing terrorism, and Sony decided not to release it.


Within a matter of days, the film was widely available on the Internet and in a few hundred independent theaters. I saw it on the Internet, downloaded from an on-demand.


The basic plot line: the host of a late night celebrity-gossip show and his producer manage to get an interview with the dictator of North Korea, who loves his show. The CIA asks them to assassinate the North Korean leader to prevent him from threatening the world with nukes.


What did I think?


It is the kind of adolescent movie I would customarily never see. The target audience must be young men. It is a buddy movie, two guys embarked on a wacky adventure. It is also the most vulgar movie I have seen in my limited experience, with countless uses of the F word and raucous, wild scenes of sexual encounters. It is also hilarious. I laughed myself silly. The vulgarity is so innocent that it was not offensive. It should be rated RR.


See it if you can.