Marie Corfield, education activist and blogger in Néw Jersey, has an amazing story to tell about her state.

The big surprise: Two moms sued to desegregate their local public school and won, a decade before the Supreme Court’s Brown decision of 1954.

“The state is home to many firsts. The light bulb, phonograph and motion picture projector were all invented here. The first baseball game was played here. The first Miss America pageant was held here in Atlantic City, home to the world’s longest boardwalk and Monopoly’s street names. The first Indian Reservation was founded here. The first drive-in theatre was opened here. Modern paleontology began here.”

And there’s so much more that the Garden State can be proud of. Did you know that Néw Jersey has one of the best school systems in the nation? Massachusetts, Néw Jersey, and Connecticut are our three top states, as judged by the National Assessment of Educational Progress. Strange that all three have governors who decided they know how to reform their state school systems. They should take care not to “fix” what is not broken.