The public schools of Katy, Texas, are overcrowded. The district needs a new elementary school, but it can’t afford to build one.

But the city officials know what really matters in Texas: they are spending $71 million for a new football stadium.

Please, let us not hear any rhetoric from Texas elected officials about how they love the children, how they want the state to attract new businesses by having great schools, how they are planning for the future. The legislature never fully restored the $5 billion in cuts to public schools that they extracted in 2011.

The only investment the politicians are willing to make is in charter schools–and if Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has his way–vouchers. That, of course, is not new money. Charters and vouchers take money from existing public schools and transfer it to entrepreneurs and home schoolers and those who prefer a religious education. There is no new money.

Texans are being scammed. There is no investment in children. There is no investment in public schools.

But there will be a super stadium in Katy.