Last week, I began posting the series of critical podcasts about Teach for America created by Julian Vasquez Heilig and Jameson Brewer, which they called “Truth for America.”


To my surprise, I began to hear from readers that the posts had been blocked on YouTube. I stopped posting the podcasts and let my friend Julian know that they were blocked.


What I did not realize was there was a pattern of cyber hacking directed at these podcasts when they were posted on Julian’s blog, “Cloaking Inequity.”


I knew nothing of this background. Julian Vasquez Heilig explains here the curious attacks on his podcasts and the cyberattacks that have repeatedly caused them to be blocked on YouTube.


After negotiations that involved a lawyer on the board of the Network of Public Education, Bertis Downs, YouTube has given assurances that the podcasts are no longer blocked.


Thus, I will now post the Truth for America podcasts as I originally planned to do: one a day, beginning with the next post.