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Julian Vasquez Heilig: Is Hillary Another Obama on Education?

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SomeDAM Poet says:

The latest (Dec 22) Quinnipiac poll has Sanders beating Trump in the general election(were it held today) by 13 points with Hillary beating Trump by just 7. Clinton, like Trump, actually has a negative favorability rating while Sanders has a significant positive rating.

From poll
American voters back Clinton over Trump 47 – 40 percent. In other matchups:
Clinton gets 44 percent to Rubio’s 43 percent;
Clinton and Cruz are tied 44 – 44 percent.

Sanders tops Trump 51 – 38 percent. In other matchups:
Rubio gets 45 percent to Sanders’ 42 percent;
Cruz gets 44 percent to Sanders’ 43 percent.

Clinton has a negative 43 – 51 percent favorability rating. Other favorability ratings are:
Negative 33 – 59 percent for Trump;
40 – 31 percent for Sanders;
37 – 28 percent for Rubio;
35 – 33 percent for Cruz.

//end poll results

Hillary’s slight lead and Sanders slight lag to Rubio are really virtual dead heats given the margin of error (+-2.9) (as are Clinton vs Cruz and Sanders vs Cruz)

People really need to bust out of the “Sanders is unelectable” myth because it is just that, a myth.

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