I am having a bad week. I watched the Democratic debate last night and the Republican debate tonight. My brain hurts. Who thought it was a good idea to put the candidates and the public through a marathon of endurance?


Tonight the Republicans all praised charter schools. Donald Trump loves charters. So do all the other Republicans. They all dismiss public schools. They agree that this is a great nation, the greatest nation in the world, but they don’t give the teachers and educators of our public schools any credit.


Most surprising, however, was John Kasich’s boast that he worked in a bipartisan way to reform the schools of Cleveland. Does anyone fact check? The federal government reports that 100% of the students in Cleveland are poor. On NAEP, Cleveland is one of the lowest performing urban districts in the nation. It has made meager gains during Kasich’s time in office.


I wish some journalist would ask the Kasich campaign for evidence of the reform in Cleveland’s schools for which he claims credit.


I have no particular animus towards Kasich. All of the candidates tonight showed no insight into any aspect of American education.