Jersey Jazzman has been working towards his doctorate in education research, and he has become quite expert at pulling apart flawed reports that trumpet some non-success.

In this post, he tears apart the quality of the research coming from the University of Arkansas’ Department of Educational Reform (I don’t believe there is another department in the nation with that title). The Department is funded to a large degree by the Walton Family Foundation, so it is not surprising that they are defenders of choice, vouchers, and charters.

In one of its latest reports, the choice advocate at the U of Arkansas “Department of Education Reform” claimed that charter schools are not as well funded as you think. Just because they are heavily subsidized by Walton, Gates, Broad, Dell, Arnold, the NewSchools Venture Fund, and a long list of other foundations as well as hedge fund managers everywhere is no reason to think that they are well funded.

Jersey Jazzman demonstrates in the post how flawed their evidence and logic are.