Jay Mathews of the Washington Post tells the story of LAUSD’s relentless investigation of celebrated teacher Rafe Esquith.

Having first pursued a lead about Rafe referring to nudity (based on a scene in “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”), then explored a 40-year-old claim that he abused a boy in a Jewish summer camp, now the investigators are poring through his financial records.

Here was the offense that led to his suspension:

“The next day, Esquith learned the truth: A school staffer had reported to administrators that Esquith made a joke about nudity that she thought might offend students and their parents. Esquith had read to his students a passage from “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” in which a character called the king comes “prancing out on all fours, naked.” Esquith reminded the students that the district did not fund the annual Shakespeare play, and if he could not raise enough money “we will all have to play the role of the king in Huckleberry Finn.”

Asked to apolgize, Rafe did. But the investigators were not satisfied.

This sounds like “Les Miserables,” with Rafe as Jean Valjean. Not sure who is playing Inspector Javert.